Welcome to the Krooks!

An collection of 1,131 Krook NFTs on the Solana Blockchain

About us

What are the Krooks?

Krooks are a collection of 1131 randomly generated NFT’s that exist on the Solana Blockchain. The Krooks are not only focused on being one of the coolest PFP projects in sol, but have a focus to help holders who have been the victims of rugs.

Krook holders will are able to participate in exclusive events hosted for the benefit such as the Rugsino, exclusive NFT mints, community giveaways, access to the Krook Coin, and much more.

Krookenomics logo

We will be airdropping 10 KROOK per unlisted KROOK daily. This will begin on December 3rd. During the first week leading up to our first auction we will be doing bonus drops to rewards holders. During the first week leading up to our first auction we will be doing bonus drops like we did this morning in order to increase liquidity.

Finally, we will burn 80-90% of krook turned into the rugsino and or auction nfts, the remainder will be used to further develop the project.

The 10% staff allocation will be rolled out in stages over the next two years. 0.41% of total pool will be sent to stay per month.

KROOK coin


Genesis Krooks
10 tokens/day
Rug Mechanish
LP Pool
Future Development


Community Dynamics

Krook Coin is a utility token created to support the Krookverse. The token will be used for bidding and obtaining Krook Specific NFT’s such as banners, lore based NFT’s and some 1/1 legendaries!


By holding a minimum of 2 Krooks, you can pay a fee in Krook Coins to hire a young henchman. These henchmen will travel around the Krookverse and collect Krook Coin debts. There will be a limited supply of Henchmen and they will be crucial to earning some future rewards!

Henchmen Dynamics

1 Krook
One Krook
1 Krook
Another Krook
Krook Coins
Krook coins


Krook Coins will also be utilized as a tool for community voting, while we will not be setting up the typical DAO users have become accustomed too, we still want to have an active community driven experience.

What's ahead


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    Phase 1

    Mint of 1,111 Krooks, Secondary Listing and Grape Verification for Krook holders.
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    Phase 2

    Begin Krookenomics token distribution.
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    Phase 3

    Feed your Krook - Find a way to exchange Rugged NFTs for tokens without allowing abuse.
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    Phase 4

    1/1 Auctions with tokens / sol.
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    Phase 5

    Henchmen, Take two Of your krooks and a fee in Krook Coins in order to train a henchman, a younger krook, that will have further utility.

Your questions, answered


Wen Mint?

We are minting sometime between the 26th and 27th of November, after thanksgiving to allow people to spend time with their families and attend to the holidays. IRL > NFT


1111 Krooks, with around 20 or so for giveaways and project development.


TBD. We want to come to a fair price for both the team and our minters. We want to provide a low entry price into our project and leave room for upside on secondary.


We have a few ideas cooking now. We do not want to overpromise, but we also understand that just offering a PFPis not the most appealing aspect to mintoooors.

Who are we?

We have been on dev teams, advisory teams, DAOteams, or mods for other projects on Solana. We have also been around since august of 2021. Some of our first mints include SMB, Thugbirdz, PiggysolGang, Sollamas and others. So we have been around.

What’s our goal?

To build a small strong community where you can come and be yourself. We understand that many other projects have been around longer than us and have high entry costs. We want to build something with you, and give you a chance to be early.